Looking for "Ahhhh, Phooey?"  Of course you're not!  Well, here's the link anyway:

For 3 years, I ran an almost-daily webcomic called "Ahhhh, Phooey!" The comic followed the poorly-written adventures of several poorly-drawn characters. It was briefly featured in The Philadelphia Turkey.

The sheer quantity of these comics might suggest that I put a lot of effort into them, but one must only observe the quality of these comics to know it was actually quite the opposite. Each took about 15 minutes to conceive, write, execute and post.  (By the way, this is my pitch to get you to read some of these comics.)

I'd like to thank my loyal reader(s).  I definitely could have done it without you.  And, finally, I'd like to thank my good friends Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for all their help.