Friday, September 5, 2008

The Feeko Brothers Present...

Cortez, Make Me Famous!!!

Ladies and gentlemen! The Feeko Brothers, in association with "Ahhhh, Phooey" and "You Deserve a Puppy", proudly present their newest masterpiece.

Talentless rube Russ Rodacker (Billy Bob Thompson) finds himself in way over his head when confronted with instant celebrity and the uncomfortable machinations of an obnoxiously crass blogger (Christian Alsis) in "Cortez, Make Me Famous!!!" Co-starring Corey Cohen as Alan Philbrick.

The Feeko Brothers hope you enjoy it, and will kindly vote on the video through Crackle's website. Thanks again!

[Editor's Note: Follow this link to view the video in Crackle's standard (read as: better) player -]

1 comment:

Refuge said...

Gentlemen I applaud you for making yet another hilarious video. What's scary though is I know quite a few assistant out here in LA that are exactly like Corey's character. Pat yourself on the back Corey for capturing the creepy authenticity of your role. Alsis, hilarious as always. Billy, thank you for finally getting a normal haircut. Your Lebowski-like mop top was soooooooo out of date.