Monday, August 25, 2008

The Idea For Barackas Was STOLEN... me.

That's right, last week's award-winning* comic "Barackas" appears to have been...


(I dramatically shield myself from seemingly imminent blows to the face and stomach brought on by this recent, earth-shattering revelation. Only after I am certain that the fists will not fly, do I let my guard down.)

If you didn't realize that you could click the word "Stolen" to see the damning evidence, click here. (On the words, "click here, or right there.")

Or, for those not technologically-savvy, look at this screencap:

Once the horror of it all had sunk in, I tried to figure out what I could do. I mean, I had 6,000 Barackas in my basement that needed selling, but pending litigation forbade me to sell them. I needed a plan.

I decided, why not buy a bunch of new stickers of Mr. T and slap them on top of Barack and call them Baracus, capitalizing on his star-turn in the still popular television series, "The 'A' Team"?

Luckily, I learned from my mistakes, and I Goggled it.

Goddamn it!

What was I to do? I racked my brain thinking of other 1980s television characters that I could put on maracas, and that's when I had an idea...


Darren McGavin's masterful performance as night-stalking newspaper reporter Carl Kolchak is now immortalized on a high-quality plastic maraca for all your shaking needs.


*- The Herman J. Diarrhea Award for Wednesday Comics Created in 30 Seconds or Less.


Anthony Zinni said...

Very funny, thanks for the link. You definately gave me a good laugh, too bad you are sitting on 6000 of them :)

If you want to see the rationale behind how we designed the barackas check out: Barackas Rationale

~ Anthony Zinni
Barackas Designer...

Blister Keaton said...

Mr. Zinni,

First, let me start off with an apology. I'm really sorry I didn't Google the idea before I jumped into it. I guess I'm not as tech-savvy as I'd like to be. One could even say I'm e-literate. (Ta-da!)

Second, I'd like to thank you for visiting the site, and taking the time to read the post.

Thirdly, great minds think alike. I can objectively say that mine is a great mind so...congratulations!

Thanks again!

---Christian Alsis