Thursday, June 5, 2008

Do Yourself a Favor, Baseball Fans...

...and start reading Fire Joe Morgan.

Actually, first, do yourself a favor and read Michael Lewis' awesome book

Then, do yourself a favor and start reading
Fire Joe Morgan.

Their subtitle says it all: "Where Bad Sports Journalism Comes to Die"

Fire Joe Morgan flies in the face of everything that old baseball men hold dear: logic.

To old baseball men, fire-in-the-belly is much more important than a player's ability to draw a walk. To them, it's all about a player's moxie, his grittiness, his hustle. To them, baseball is a game for insiders, retired players with 25 career at-bats, grizzled scouts looking for the ubermensch in a sea of soft bodies, and, worst of all, undercritical sportswriters that pander to the traditions of the sport and who cry foul whenever anyone wants to use geeky statistics to explain a game so mathematically definable.

Fire Joe Morgan is a site for sabermetric junkies who enjoy a hearty laugh. Don't know what
sabermetrics is? Never heard of Bill James? Well, Moneyball is a six-course meal of information, and FJM is seconds. Sabermetrics put simply is why the Oakland Athletics are able to stay competitive despite the fact that their entire payroll is about as much as three Yankees make in a year.

Regular writers include Junior (
Alan Yang), dak (Dave King), and Ken Tremendous (Michael Schur) who is an employee of Fremulon Insurance in Partridge, Kansas.

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