Wednesday, April 16, 2008


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Refuge said...

Maybe I'm reading into this too much but I sense there are different interpretations of the "Yeah! Fuck it!" line. Is the skinny guy saying, "Yeah! Fuck it!" to the fat guy because he knows the big guy's massive girth and appetite can't say no to this sweet chocolate deal? Or is he saying, "Yeah! Fuck it!" as in he knows the big guy's love for chocolate is so insatiable that he would go as far as to have sex with this big mountain of chocolate? You're going to rip me a new asshole now for asking this question, aren't you?

Billy said...

The fat dude's shirt looks like the Kool-Aid Man taking a nap.

Blister Keaton said...

Now, you see what we have here?

Do you see what just happened?

Should I walk you through it?

Okay, I will.

I didn't really know what to say to Refuge's comment until I read Billy's comment. Here is what I will say:

These two comments represent polar opposites in the struggle to read this text.

Refuge's comment represents the reader struggling to discover the sole reading of the text. It is this readers intention to seek out exactly the thought process of the cartoonist at the precise time of the etching. Can you etch in MS Paint? Back on track now, we shall call this type of reader the "noble reader".

Contrary to the noble reader is the "creative reader". Billy chooses to accept the inherent meaning of the text as well as forge a new reading of his own deduction (i.e.- Kool-Aid napping).

So, don't let anyone tell you that you aren't noble, Refuge. Just don't get it in your head that you are at all creative.


I love that new asshole smell.

Refuge said...

Wow, Ahhhh, Phooey!, that's the sweetest thing you've ever said to me! I'm blushing! You really know how to compliment some one. No wonder women want you and men want to be you. It's an honor to be considered a nobel reader. If I were a woman, I would totally be in love with you just for saying that. I would pull a Squeaky Fromm to prove my love and devotion to you. I'd be the Maggie Gyllenhaal to your James Spader from the movie, Secretary. If I were a woman of course. I think I would make a pretty hot woman. Like Natalie Portman from V for Vendetta and Hotel Chevalier hot, wouldn't you agree?

Oh, and thanks for the new asshole. I have two now so I can poop twice as much! I've already gone from 145 lbs to 120 lbs.

Blister Keaton said...

Maybe I'm reading into this too much but I sense there are different interpretations to your comment. When you say you are happy to be called a "nobel reader", are you happy because, out of the entire United States population, the Nobel Foundation picked you to read through their nominees and select who will win the Nobel Prize? Or are you saying that you are happy to be called a "nobel reader" because you don't have a spell check that recognizes homophones?

Refuge said...

The second thing you said.

Matt said...

Oh, man. The sexual tension is incredible.

Blister Keaton said...

Don't say that. I'm incredibly homophonic. Dirty homophones trying to confuse me grammatically...