Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Morgolth and Dave":

Episode 2.6, Series 2 Finale

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So, another series of "Morgolth and Dave" is over. So many questions, really. Why did Morgolth react so negatively when he realized Jon Lovitz was playing him in the film adaptation of their lives? Hasn't he ever seen Rat Race. Lovitz gave a tour de force performance in that film. Not to mention, Mom and Dad Save the World.

Another question surrounds the legitimacy of the movie contract, considering Morgolth would have had to forge Dave's signature. I doubt very highly that question will even be addressed. Mark my words, I won't go into it.

Finally, the last question seems to be what will happen to Morgolth and Dave's friendship as a result of this complication? Will Dave be able to forgive his best friend literally selling him out? These are more questions I don't think I'll address. I would rather take cheap jabs at the Hollywood system and their insistence on giving David Spade film roles in this post-Farley era.

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