Monday, February 18, 2008

The Good Book

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Refuge said...

Ok, I think I can officially declare this your funniest comic strip to date. Don't get me wrong, all your material is great but this one is by far my favorite because it's convoluted with hilarious elements. First off, just the image of a middle-age married couple reading the Kama Sutra on their couch with your head mounted on the wall is just funny in itself. But then the reference to Vishnu is just a terrific punch line that you never see coming. Kudos!

Blister Keaton said...

Thanks, Refuge. I'm glad this is your favorite comic to date.

As far as your comments go, I've read better. Its all well and good until you mention Vishnu, the manifestation of Brahman. The elephant head is actually a reference to Ganesha, the Lord of Beginnings.

All in all, a better than average comment. Thanks again.