Monday, January 21, 2008

Third Tyne's the Charm

After Lawrence Tynes kicked the winning field goal for the Giants last night, after missing his first two, I was heard to remark: Third Tynes the charm. I decided it was clever, and I tried my best to call the New York Post to offer them my headline. Unfortunately they were following a hot scoop (Guliani love child) so my headline fell upon deaf ears. That is, until I picked up the Metro today. Check it out:

Third Tyne’s a charm
NFL. Eli Manning has arrived, just in time to take his New York Giants on an improbable trip to the Super Bowl.
A suddenly matured Manning guided the Giants to their ninth straight road win yesterday, a frostbitten 23-20 overtime victory over the Green Bay Packers for the NFC championship.
Now comes Mission Impossible for Manning and the Giants, who will play the unbeaten Patriots in two weeks for the NFL title.
After Lawrence Tynes missed a 36-yard field goal at the end of regulation following a bad snap, he got a reprieve in overtime following Corey Webster’s interception of a struggling Brett Favre. He nailed a 47-yarder, then sprinted directly to the locker room as the rest of his frozen teammates celebrated on the field.
Tynes made his first game-winning field goal of the season in the first OT title game in nine years, sending Manning and the Giants to the Super Bowl. AP

I'm going into the newspaper business. I'll be like Charles Foster Kane without the sled.


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Did I say sled? I meant that Citizen Kane was Keyser Soze.

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Wait, didn't he play Bruce Willis' ghost in 6th Sense?