Friday, January 11, 2008

Do You Remember....

BK Ratch Tech sneakers?

This commercial ushered in a new standard in American sneaker fashion, a standard that no sneaker ever before or ever since has been able to match.

The imagery is staggeringly symbolic of the change that was taking place. The old woman symbolizes the average American before the discovery of Ratch Tech Technology. The children sing the song of change, ratching their Ratch Techs, calling out to the world for their voices to be heard! The old woman's annoyance is symbolic of the greater majority of sneaker producers, who fear that their ingrained hegemony and lace-based stranglehold on consumers is slipping away in the face of these few, these proud, these loud Ratch Tech wearers.

Long live Ratch Tech!

(Note: I try not to wax philosophically about the near-past, but I always found BK shoes particularly interesting. There is something to be said about a pair of shoes that aims to end human beings' ability to tie knots, once and for all. But think about how much more efficient we would be if we didn't have to tie our shoes every morning. I save four minutes a day not tying my shoes, combing my hair, or wiping my ass after a long bout with last night's dinner.)

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