Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Eddie Fedora, The Smoking Dick in:

"The Chief"

(Click on picture to enlarge)


angry feminist said...

what a misogynist. "fishy"?!


wunderkindmta said...

I totally agree with the "Angry Feminist". Although, funny when remarking that the case smells fishy just like the female character, this "Fishy" remark ranks right up there with, "Is it your time of month?"

It reminds me of the "Uncle Bruno" and "Aunt Mae" story in the supermarket.

Blister Keaton said...


I didn't even realize I recycled one of my own jokes.


wunderkindmta said...

No apologies necessary, I guess I was just being sensitive. My apologies.

Gerald Grzych said...
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#1 fan said...

ahhhh, phooey missed a day

Blister Keaton said...

Indeed #1, we did.

We will make it up to you.

That's a promise, and you know what the best part about promises are?

Breaking them.