Monday, September 17, 2007

Intelligent Designs


Here's an interesting email:

Dear Ahhhh, Phooey,

My name is Bill Sewers, and I run a moderately successful Christ-based screen-saver company. Intelligent Designs was founded in my basement in the Summer of 1998. My second wife had just left me, and I was tired of hearing about people making money on the Interweb, something I knew nothing about. The first thing I learned was that it was called the InterNET, not the Interweb. After the initial embarrassment, I got to work on programming some basic screen-saver designs. Mostly pornographic. It wasn't until after a brief incarceration for pederasty that I found Jesus. The mood of the country was shifting from one of moral indifference to one of organized outrage at the blow-job-loving fat cats in Washington. I cashed in. My screen-SAVIORS were selling like hotcakes on the eve of a big hotcake drought. Well, what goes up...

Before you dismiss this plea for publicity, let me just say this...

I know all your secrets. Remember the hotel bathroom in St. Louis? Didn't think anyone knew about that did you? So, post this video of our hottest screen-savior, or else everyone is going to know about your corn fetish.

Yours in Christ,

Bill Sewers

P.S. - Morgolth for President!

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Refuge said...

Dear Christian,
About this recent post. To quote my mother, Barbra A. Spell, "Are you fucking shitting me?!?"
Sam Sero